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Before & after photos of a car dealership at 4201 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA. Formerly home to Stevens Creek Buick-Pontiac-GMC. Designed by architect Hollis Logue. circa 1966. Yay or Nay on the MINI renovation? Hopefully the “bones” are still intact underneath all the sheet metal.

Source: “Before” pic courtesy of Heather M. David

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    Nay! The renovation looks so generic. They stripped it of it’s unique style, I liked it much better before.
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  5. linakasworld said: I would say yay and nay because I like seeing the exposed roof. It gives it more of a texture.The should have placed the Mini sign in a different place.But at the sametime they didn’t demo it then built a different building.I give them props for that
  6. loveandpleasure said: Nay looks just like the Mini/BMW dealerships in the UK….
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