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1954 Buick Wildcat II Concept

Written by Bill Bowman

The 1954 Buick Wildcat II concept, designed by Harley Earl’s design team, made its public debut at the 1954 General Motors Motorama in New York City. Built of fiberglass and mounted on a 100-inch wheelbase, the 1954 Wildcat featured radical new front fender styling that exposed the underside of the fender and the chrome plated front-end suspension. The fenders were lined with large chrome panels containing air scoop louvers. Buick Skylark wire wheels were used.

The car was only 170-inches long and 35-inches high at the cowl. Headlamps were mounted on the cowl with parking and directional signal lights on the front end underneath the fender shroud. Bumpers were shaped with two big torpedo-like guards; know in those days as “Dagmar” bumper guards, a name taken after a sexy celebrity with a good size bosom.

Wildcat II was powered with a standard 322 C.I.D. V8 engine boosted to 220 horsepower through the use of four carburetors.

Originally the car was painted a bright blue with a white leather interior but later was repainted dark tan with a two-tone tan leather interior. The Wildcat II now resides at the Alfred P. Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan where it was restored to its original bright blue finish.

The 1954 Wildcat II was the second of three concept cars introduced in consecutive years to wear the Wildcat badge.

Source: history.gmheritagecenter.com | seriouswheels.com | carstyling.ru

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