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Wisconsin Pavilion | 1964 New York World’s Fair | Architect: John Steinman

As the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York approached, it appeared that Wisconsin would not be represented. Costs to create an exhibit could exceed a million dollars and revenue for a project of this magnitude was not available. When Clark Prudhon of Pruden Steel Buildings in Evansville, Wisconsin learned that the state was about to cancel plans for an exhibit he stepped forward with a solution. He contacted architect John Steinman from Monticello, Wisconsin, and directed him to design a low cost structure utilizing materials provided by his company. The result was a Modernistic style rotunda 48 feet in diameter with 12 sides. Gold light pylons, which jut out at an angle, support six star-shaped canopies. The entire structure rises to a 60-foot peak. Extending from the peak is a 50-foot pole lettered “WISCONSIN”. The top of the rotunda has 120 panes of blue and gold glass. Mosaic file murals, depicting Native American designs, were applied to the base. At the close of the fair the structure was destine to be demolished. Ivan Wilcox purchased the structure for $5,000 and had it dismantled and trucked to Boscobel, Wisconsin. Wilcox’s intent was to rise funding to have the structure rebuilt in Boscobel. These efforts fell short. At the end of 1965 Central Wisconsin Broadcasting Inc. purchased the building parts and had the structure reconstructed alongside U.S. Highway 10. (From The City of Neillsville, Wisconsin website)

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